Zhang Sanfeng’s Journey to the Other World _ Wordboard _ txt Novel Paradise

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23 February 2023
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With a sound, Gao Sen was like a big meat ball, wearing a five-meter-long lance on the head of the gun, and was held high and slanting up to the sky by Jess. car radiator cap, grabbed the barrel of the gun with both hands, then pushed it hard, pulled his body out of the head of the gun, and then fell back to the ground. While seizing the time to recover, he ferociously said: “Gao Sen Nu La!” Then he rushed up and gave Jess, the Golden Knight, a fat beating. Jace the Golden Knight hurries to ward off Golson’s attack. But he alone a static knight, how can block the violent Gao Sen, was soon Gao Sen broke through the defense, close to the front. Golson broke the knight’s horse’s front leg with his first punch and fell as the horse screamed. Jess, the Golden Knight, also carried him down, and then he was beaten by Golson’s fast and powerful fist so that he could not find the north. Jess, who is about four meters tall, did not stand up after he dismounted and fell. In less than a few breaths, he took more than a dozen punches from Gao Sen in succession. There was a clanging of iron. By the time the two warriors in the distance came to meet him, titanium machining parts ,Magnetic Drain Plug, the poor Golden Knight Jess had already smashed his man and horse so hard that he couldn’t get up, and all parts of his body were out of shape. Especially the What do you want them to do? Knock the guy’s sucker on the city’s head? “Since it’s my husband’s intention,socket screw plug,” he said with a nifty smile, “I don’t want to be in trouble.” Although she said it easily, she had no intention of doing anything.