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17 May 2023
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Hookah suppliers WOOKAH
Our wookah is composed of oak, teak and other solid wood. The surface is treated with wood grain luster, and the color is stainless steel. The overall shape is beautiful, fine and easy to use.
The beautiful and elegant black color box is used. You can also customize your own color box according to your needs. It is packed in 6 cartons, with a carton size of 50/75/35cm, gross weight of 22kg and net weight of 21kg.
After sales guarantee
Glass products are easy to break and are usually wrapped with bubble film to avoid various problems during transportation. If the products break during transportation, they can be reissued.
1. Beautiful appearance
The appearance is fashionable, beautiful, delicate, grand and stable, giving people a high-end retro feeling, pleasing to the eyes, and it is also a beautiful handicraft to put at home.
2. Well made
It is made of oak imported from Poland, teak and water smoke bottom glass pot. The oak has distinctive mountain wood grain and strong toughness. It can be processed into various curved shapes as required, which is very suitable for single pipe of water smoke. The overall workmanship is fine, easy to clean and store.
3. Easy to use
Glass pot body, transparent pot body can see the water level more clearly, evenly heated, easier to release the aroma of cigarette paste, durable. Two way smoke outlet, with large smoke volume, can be used by single and double persons at the same time. Swallowing is easy and labor-saving, with large fragrance, giving people more comfortable enjoyment.
4. Brand benefit
Wood type hookah has a history of many years, and now it is very popular in all countries around the world, and is loved by the majority of users.
How To Use Wookah Bottles?
1. Fill the foundation of the hookah. Make sure not to fill too much water. The water level should reach the bottom of the metal pipe above about 1-11/2 inches. Therefore, immerse the tube in water.
2. Place the long stainless steel pipe on the glass or crystal base. Make sure it is snug and airtight. There should be a rubber plug between the glass/crystal base and the metal center piece.
3. Install the hookah metal tube on the round tray.
4. Place the clay on the top of the bowl in the middle of the metal. Again there should be a plastic retaining ring between the metal middle part and the clay bowl.
5. Insert the hose into the metal middle part and the plastic eyelet again to ensure that the connection is airtight.
Filtering principle of wookah
We need to know its filtering principle, which is to use water to filter tobacco to achieve a more pure taste. The water itself is pure without other impurities harmful to the body. It can act as the most responsible filtering guard in the process of smoking. When tobacco enters the human body through the pipeline, the yellow tar produced and affects human health will be absorbed in the water,