Golden Carving Dragon Pattern-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise

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23 February 2023
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wire nail machine manufacturers, the work of this palm would not only shake him out a few steps. Wo Yun Xian Zhang Fu just followed up, without saying a word, shaking his hands and splitting down, the big arhat gave a strange cry, his round body turned and slanted, waving the golden fox tail in his hand and rolling his wrist violently. In this twinkling of an eye, Lingjiang Xianlu has become a flash from the side to the front, his expression is deep and cold, without expression,Iron Nail Making Machine, his hands and fingers are flexing rapidly, killing the twenty-four points of the upper, middle and lower three plates of the fox and arhat! Ling Jiangxian shot at the same time, Chu Yun’s body has been straight to, a touch of cold light suddenly reflected, tens of millions of arc waves flying, the tip of the sword is trembling to Ling Jiangxian’s chest. “Hey,” said the arhat, and the golden fox’s tail, which had been rolled back, shuddered and stabbed the lying cloud fairy Zhang Fu in the throat and eyes. Lingjiang Xianlu’s eyes were dazed by the shadows all over the sky. With a loud shout, he did not care to continue to attack the enemy in the original way. He kicked his feet and jumped up hurriedly. Chu Yun smiled coldly, and the painstaking black dragon followed him like a shadow, pointing straight to Lu Youcheng’s front heart! The sharp end of the sword was only half an inch away from Ling Jiangxian’s front heart, while Ling Jiangxian was restrained and dodged several times, but the enemy’s sword tip never moved-half an inch away from his front heart. Suddenly- One of the two immortals in the Wild Wolf Society, with a sad smile on his lips, glanced quickly at the scene around him, wire nail making machine ,Nail production machine, expressionless,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and now he could not show his emotional reaction. Chu Yun tightened his grip on the sword and said in a low voice again, “Old ladle handle, you’re suffering too much..” 。